Supporting You Virtually

Many of you have been long-time friends of Metta Integrative Wellness Center. Never before have we been closed for more than a holiday, let alone weeks. We are eagerly looking forward to being able to return to full service. In the meantime, many of our practitioners have found impactful and meaningful ways to share their services virtually. 

Below is a list of virtual healing services and resources available from Metta practitioners, including movement classes, talk therapy, energy healing, physical therapy and more.  Please enjoy these offerings and, if you are able, consider supporting Metta to help us manage our basic expenses by making a donation via paypal or by purchasing a gift card online. 

 Scroll down to learn how to engage with (and support) your favorite practitioner directly, or browse all of these offerings for what best fits your needs.  Please check back regularly as offerings may be added or changed.

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Virtual Healing Session with Lauren E. Potts, M.Ac., L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and Aromatherapist, Lauren Potts has created a new Virtual Healing Session offering to continue to be of service while supporting social distancing. These 60 minute Zoom sessions can include deep listening and healing conversations, guided acupressure with essential oils (if you have them), distance Reiki healing, Tarot readings and other tools to create a powerful, multi-faceted healing experience. The price is $90 and these sessions are available with a sliding scale payment option if recent events have affected your income.  

 Click here to schedule your visit with Lauren  or text 410-206-3798.

Collective Healing: An Integrative Online Support Group Offering with Lara Wrigley, PsyD and Laura Keyser, PT, DPT, MPH

Metta affiliated practitioners Dr. Lara Wrigley, Psy.D and Dr. Laura Keyser, DPT, MPH have joined to combine 25+ years of experience working with individuals to address the physical and emotional consequences of a variety of health conditions and traumatic life events.

Please see the Collective Healing Facebook page  to learn more about their unique online group that includes psychosocial support, guided meditation, and physical movement. Sessions will begin April 2nd and continue every Thursday from 12:30-1:15 for  6 weeks. The price is $25 for the first 6-week group which will utilize the Zoom platform. 

Movement Classes with Lainie Smith, LMT, RYT

Join Lainie on her Youtube channel for all things movement and breath. Offerings include: meditation, pranayama, yoga, and so much more. She intends to upload videos regularly to provide fresh material to choose from. Here’s a message from Lainie:

“Do any practice at your leisure and consider each a gift to you! However, if you loved the class and have the ability to do so, donations can be made to my virtual tip jar via Venmo (@Lorraine-Smith-1) OR Paypal (  Take some time for you today and move that body!”

Here is the link:

Virtual Wellness Consultations and Live Yoga Classes with Molly Farwell, LMT, RYT®200 

Molly is offering brief self-care consultations (10 min or less) free to all existing clients. Longer consultations will be charged at $1/min (or may be waived if need exists). Please email her directly to schedule.

In addition, you can join her for online weekly yoga classes every Thursday at 5:45pm via Zoom. Registration is required in advance in order to receive the Zoom meeting link.  Please register via Eventbrite ( or email her directly.

You can also support Molly by joining her Patreon account for as little as $1/month. Patreons receive full access to recorded (not live) yoga classes and other benefits at higher levels of contribution. Visit Molly’s patreon page at

Visit for more details and follow her on Instagram @LMTMolly for photos, thoughts, green-living tips, and updates about her pregnancy as it progresses:)

Dawn Blais – Licensed Massage Therapist/Acupressure/MA in psychology
Integrative Yoga teacher 200hr, Reiki Master

Dawn is offering virtual and phone healing sessions to provide support during this challenging time. These sessions conducted via phone call, Zoom, or Facetime will consist of a variety of options: self guided acupressure, breathwork, reiki distance healing, and/or guided relaxations/meditations. Sessions are being offered in 30 or 60 minute time windows. Please call or text Dawn at 443-70-6266 or email at for more information and to schedule.

Energy Healing with Nyesha Roberts, RMP

“Outside of massage therapy and working with the physical human body, I also work with the energy body to clear stagnant energy and align chakras and aura with Reiki. I am a master in Usui Reiki and a master in Sekhem Seichim Reiki. These are subtle but dynamic forms of energy work that support and improve the immune system, and mind and soul.

I also offer spiritual guidence through “yes or no” pendulum readings, which is quick and concise access to make decisions from the highest good and make reasonable and helpful judgements of outcomes. In conjuction, I am also an Akashic Records Reader, which is access to all of human events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occured in past, present or future, also known and The Book Of Life.”

To learn more about these offerings and pricing please visit 

Physical Therapy Telerehab for Women’s/Pelvic Health with Laura Keyser, PT, DPT, MPH

Laura is offering one-on-one telerehab for clients with women’s/pelvic health needs at $50 for 30 minutes or $100 for 60 minutes. It is likely that she can offer receipts for insurance reimbursement and will have more information about appropriate coding in the coming days. 

Current and new patients can email to schedule and for more information. 

Virtual Telehealth Sessions with Nathalie Savell, LCPC

“It’s important during this time to get support, since many peoples’ mental health is being impacted by the lifestyle changes and uncertainty.  Or maybe you have some extra time to start investigating things about yourself that you’ve been wanting to change. Or maybe it’s a combination of both. I’m happy to hold space for you to vent, process, or strategize and support you to navigate whatever challenges you are facing.”

Nathalie is accepting any BCBS plan or card payments via square invoices. See her website for contact info and more about her practice. 

Virtual Tarot with Mary Shock

Mary will be sharing Tarot readings and one-on-one Tarot lessons, as well as hosting virtual meetups with her monthly group BMore Tarot Club. Readings and lessons are available via phone, video chat, or email. Email Mary to book your appointment. Check out Mary’s Instagram @tarotelectric or email for future updates about Tarot Club and other offerings.

Beemore Conscious Herbal Products by Esra Seniz, LMT

Esra is a massage therapist at Metta and an herbalist who completed a program on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. She is currently working with her business partner Haley Denton. Together they started a project called Beemore Conscious, a Baltimore apothecary using local and organic products to produce conscious healing through medicines, candles and more. Some of these items include fire cider, elderberry syrup and elderberry Kombucha, usnea tinctures which support respiratory health, and Tulsi tinctures, a wonderful adaptogenic herb great for managing stress during this chaotic time. Their mission is to work together as a collective community to promote health and healing!

All of these products and more can be viewed on their Instagram page @beemoreconscious or through their Etsy shop at www.etsy/shop/