For massage, acupuncture, and women’s health physical therapy services, please schedule ahead with our easy to use online booking system linked below.

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To schedule psychotherapy with Dr. Lara Wrigley or Mark Napolitano, contact them directly. To schedule Holistic Counseling with Nathalie Savell, go to

To check for same-day massage appointments, please call 410-207-1297. PLEASE NOTE: We are a small operation and do not have a typical front desk staff available at all times. We will always do our best to facilitate your scheduling needs.

Practitioner Directory


Admin & Scheduling:
Laura Kalman, LMT and Lainie Smith, LMT
Massage Therapy:
Jennie Herb, RMP
(443) 520.0225,
Lainie Smith, LMT
(301) 906.6553,
Sarah Strahorn, LMT
(443) 955.3686,
Dawn Blais, LMT
Nikki Havel, LMT
(443) 286.6632,
Andrew Menius, Jr, RMP (AJ)
(410)533.8885, dorkusmenius@gmaillcom
Nathan Nevius, LMT
(443) 454.0046,
Stephanie Barger, RMP
Nyesha Roberts, RMP
(443) 593-8587,
Lindsay George, RMP
Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine:
Lauren Potts, L.Ac, M.Ac.
(410) 206.3798,
Lara Wrigley, Psy.D.
(410) 227.6947,
Mark Napolitano, M.S.
(410) 227.6931,
Holistic Health Counseling:
Nathalie Savell, CHHC, MS
Physical Therapy:
Laura Keyser, M.S., D.P.T.
Sound Massage:
Elaine Wujcik