Metta Wellness Rewards


By becoming a Metta Massage Member you have access to a handful of discounts and exclusive offers from other holistic minded businesses in our community!  You will get a discount when you show them your membership card or apply the promo code provided in your membership confirmation email.

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20% off Classes at Bikram Yoga Hampden or monthly unlimited pass for $88

Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 postures performed in a precise order, in a heated room. This 90 minute class targets every muscle, joint, ligament, tendon and organ in the body. With a regular practice you will see the effects of this in your strength and flexibility.



20% off 28-Day Online Sugar Detox or a 1-on-1 “Body Breakthrough” Session with Richele Henry

Are you struggling with food cravings or emotional eating? Or, maybe you’re confused about which foods to eat?  Let The Sugar Mama Richele Henry guide you step-by-step to finally create peace with food and feel amazing in your body (without feeling deprived or doing exercise you don’t like).  Your body is highly intelligent. She knows how to heal, rejuvenate and release weight, and she’s just waiting for you to commit to her.

To take your first delicious step towards freedom with the Sugar Detox or a 1-on-1 coaching session at



10% off  at Jakai Juice in Hampden

Jukai Juice Co. provides a variety of tasty fresh squeezed fruit & veggie juices. Their juices are produced fresh daily using a specialized cold press which extracts the maximum vitamins, minerals and enzymes with minimum oxidation. Purchase online  or visit our shop in Hampden.

Single juices as well and cleanse packages are provided.



Special Pricing with Doctor of Physical Therapy, Laura Keyser

Laura received both her Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from UCSF. She employs a holistic, hands-on approach to physical therapy, treating the whole person, not just the symptomatic body part, to promote long-term health and wellness. Wellness services offered by Laura include Myofascial Release as well as all other manual therapy techniques, exercise instruction, posture and body mechanics instruction and correction

For Metta Massage Members, Laura offers these special prices:

1- 1 hour session for $85
3- 1 hour sessions for $225


20% off First Full Photography Session (Maternity, Newborn, Family, or Senior)

McKenzie is a self-taught artist and photographer living in Baltimore, Maryland. She loves to capture honest, unscripted, and unposed moments of family life. Sometimes her medium is a camera and other times she illustrates families with pen and ink.

Her full portfolio, contact information, and shop link can be found at

25% off Online Meditation Course

What exactly is meditation and why are some people able to have deep & profound meditative experiences? Lance Isakov has been seeking the answer to these questions for the last 18 years and has spent many hours exploring the inner depths with profound teachers. This course is designed for everyone, beginners, experts, and even folks who want the benefits of meditation but can’t imagine sitting still longer than 3 minutes!



One Free Appointment at Mend Community Acupuncture

Mend offer customized acupuncture care in an open studio format. A peaceful treatment is enjoyed in reclining chairs while relaxed music is streamed and voices are hushed. Patients are able to stay fully dressed during their full body-mind treatment. This model of treatment has become popular in most major cities; it allows this simple and effective system of healthcare to be offered to those without insurance benefits.



ART Active Release Technique Chriropractic Care Acupuncture Massage

20% off initial exam at Ultimate Health Chiropractic (for non-insured patients only)

A great place to got to maintain spinal health. At Ultimate Health, Chiropractors provide a variety of techniques to heal and maintain the body, including A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques), which means that the doctor moves your body in a repetitive motion that makes it more amenable to manipulation and adjustment.



$25 off Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions @ Well with Wendy

Wendy Kurtz offers several programs and services to assist clients with detoxification of the body. The cleaner the intestinal tract, the more nutrients can be delivered to your tissues and cells, and the healthier and more energetic you are going to be. Colon hydrotherapy sessions are offered in a spa-like setting utilizing the Dotolo “closed” system and the Slo-Fil method (gentle and relaxing).  Sessions include education for improved digestion and wellness and appointments typically last 90 minutes.



10% off yogaBIRTH program and class cards

yogaBIRTH provides information, support and pregnancy yoga services to expectant and postpartum moms (and dads!), including group yoga classes, private sessions, conscious birth workshops and doula services.