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Metta believes in the power of community, power which comes from many hands (and hearts) lending a little care for a big effect. That is why we have set up this program. The Community Care Award is funded, little-by-little, by the community, for the community. We have set up an award account in order to receive gifts for the program. For every $550.00 received, one award of six (6) monthly sessions will be granted to a community member based on need.

Metta also believes that caring touch is an essential part of the human experience, and an indispensable component of a healthy life. We recognize that access to massage and bodywork services has been largely restricted to the middle and wealthy classes, as healthcare in this country generally refuses to recognize the benefits of preventative and therapeutic touch. Metta also recognizes that caregiver burnout is a symptom of this systemic failure.

If you are reading this page, you probably already know that the benefits of massage are greater than soothing aching and sore muscles: Massage is a full-body treatment, a whole-person experience, that nurtures, restores, soothes, and heals the physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies. The purpose of this award is to give our neighbors and community members the chance to receive ongoing, regular care for a period of six months, to experience the transformative effects of regular bodywork treatment.

You can be a part of this! Make a gift of a few dollars each time you come in. A little goes a long way. Think about it: our practitioners see about 15 people a day, 6 days a week. If each of you gives just $3 every visit, that’s $270 a week. At that rate, it will take us less than 3 weeks to reach our goal!

Donate Today


You can be a part of this! Imagine the impact if we could grant a six-month award to one community member each month! How long will it take us to touch all of Hampden? Make a gift of a few dollars today, or each time you come in.



Know someone in need of therapeutic massage? Help us spread the word! Share the link to our Care Award Application with friends, neighbors, and anyone else who might benefit from it.