Of the myriad of healing modalities, music is one of the most powerful. It is a magic that can evoke, guide, and shift states of being in a matter of moments. Music has the power to bring us to the depths of our love and longings, while simultaneously giving rise to great release, freedom, and hope.

The Baltimore Healing Music Project is a journey of sounds ethereal, uplifting, and sometimes haunting. The project aims to support music-making as a means of empowerment while highlighting work of talented musical healers (and feelers) in Baltimore.

All proceeds go directly to Believe in Music, a non-profit dedicated to empowering youth in Baltimore academically, culturally, and spiritually, while promoting self-expression and community awareness through music education. Through the program, students foster a deep connection with music in their own lives and gain the tools to be able express their culture, struggles, and triumphs through music.

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released July 15, 2016

Mastered by Mickey Freeland
Art by Abby Mott Townsend
Musical selection by Caroline Marcantoni and Laura Kalman
of Metta Integrative Wellness Center