Integrative wellness is based in a whole-body approach to healing. It means that the pain in our muscles isn’t so separate from the sharper thoughts and heavier feelings that we may carry. It is a philosophy about healing that doesn’t see our minds and bodies as isolated systems that require localized attention. How are our minds, bodies, and spirits entangled within us, and how can we expand our attitudes about self care to give recognition to these inner relationships?
We at Metta would like to invite our clients to open to the deeper levels of healing that can be attained when we listen to and receive the wisdom within us. This is an invitation to radical, transformational healing. It is a deepening intimacy with our intuition and truth, an opening to a new way of relating with ourselves, and a shedding of the same thoughts, feelings, and actions that keep our wounds alive.
We invite you to consider this idea of transformational healing as you attend your next wellness session at Metta. How can we surrender to an even greater self-love in our practice of self-care? It is an inspiration and honor for us to support you on this journey!