Sound Massage with Elaine Wujcik


dscn1367Nada Brahma is the Vedic concept that the world is sound, the world is vibration. A healthy individual will yield harmonious vibrations; therefore, harmonious vibrations will yield a healthy individual. When a body’s vibrations remain out of harmony for a period of time, the individual becomes unwell.


In a 60-minute Sound-Massage session, Himalayan singing bowls are placed around and on the body (over clothing) with the intention of accessing a harmony within. Many people experience deep relaxation as a result of this harmonization and leave with a feeling of ligthness and clarity. Elaine gained her Peter Hess® Sound-Massage Certification in 2014.  In addition to working in healthcare as a Registered Nurse, in 2011 Elaine began to focus more on holistic care through the practice of Health Coaching, Reiki and Sound-Massage. Peter Hess® Sound-Massage appointments are available Sunday mornings at our Avenue location.


Cost: $85 for 60 Minutes