Mental Health Services

We offer holistic psychotherapy and counseling services to individuals of all ages, families, and relationships of all configurations. Our skilled clinicians bring varied backgrounds and expertise to support conscious healing and growth in the midst of challenges such as depression, grief, anxiety, and trauma. While each of our practitioners offers a unique background and specialization, they all blend mindfulness and integrative wellness into the therapy practices. We strive to create a healing environment that invites all of who you are regardless of sexual orientation, race, culture, age, abilities, gender, size, or life style.

Rates per session vary among our mental health practitioners. Please connect directly with a practitioner about rates and availability, as well as individual or group counseling options. (Note: Our practitioners do not accept insurance; sliding scale fees can apply in some cases.) 


mckenzieelizabethphotographylaraandmarkmetta-20Lara C. Wrigley, Psy.D.

Dr. Lara Wrigley is a licensed clinical psychologist. Her broad range of experience has provided her with the opportunity to assist those coping with a wide range of clinical issues. Whether working with children, adolescents or adults, her fundamental goal is to create an emotionally safe environment marked by warmth, acceptance and empathy. Dr. Wrigley utilizes an integrative therapeutic approach that combines elements of psychodynamic, cognitive/behavioral, experiential and attachment based psychotherapies. She is trained in interpersonal neurobiology, a model that combines multiple domains of science providing pragmatic and powerful tools to create well-being in our minds, bodies and relationships.

A long time practitioner of yoga and meditation, Lara also employs the use of mindfulness techniques in her practice. She enjoys working with children, adolescents and adults providing both individual and family therapy.

Areas of specialization include: anxiety, depression, life transitions, parenting, separation and divorce, child custody mediation, and trauma.

Phone- (410) 227.6947



Mark Napolitano, M.S.

Mark graduated from Loyola University in 2003, and has since been engaged in post-graduate study. Mark fuses a background in clinical psychology with 28 years in education. His counseling work with couples and individuals is based upon research in Attachment Theory , Interpersonal Neurobiology, and the use of a therapeutic model known as Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT).

His goal in psychotherapy includes assisting clients to gain insight into their beliefs and behaviors, so they may proceed from a position of clarity and strength. An emphasis on individual change and growth is sought through the lens of attachment theory and mindfulness practices. Mark’s area of practice includes the following:

Children and adolescents with school related challenges
Family and Parenting Issues
Child and Adult Depression and Anxiety
Relationships (interpersonal and occupational)

Phone-  (410) 227.6931


McKenzie Elizabeth Photography- Nathalie Metta FB WM-19Nathalie Savell, LCPC, CHHC

Having obtained a Master’s in Pastoral Counseling, a Certification as a Holistic Health Coach, and a Certification as a Yoga Teacher, Nathalie has quite a few tools in her belt. She is passionate about supporting people to be their best selves, heal what needs to be healed, and create authentic lives. She has found fun, dancing, singing, meditation, laughing, and nature to be the most therapeutic tools in her life, and is excited to help others discover their natural ways of creating joy, peace, and balance in their own lives.

Nathalie has been passionate about personal growth since she began her own journey doing Vipassana 10-day silent retreats 7 years ago. Since then, she has participated in countless workshops, programs, and certifications including (but not limited to) inspiration Community’s “Awakenings Course,” numerous “Landmark Forum” courses and workshops, “Intuition playshop” by Elizabeth Harper, and more. She loves supporting people in a therapeutic way as well as in a more direct action-oriented approach. (See her website for more information about the differences.) 

Nathalie believes that maintaining balance mentally is just as important as physical health, and she desires to make her services available to all seekers. She offers Holistic Wellness Counseling every Sunday at Metta and utilizes an income based sliding scale fee system.

Phone-  (410) 935.6512