Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Release

//Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Release
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Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-based therapy designed to discharge traumatic stress energy and invite the nervous system into regulation, and balance. SE was developed by Dr. Peter Levine, a world renowned trauma researcher with over 45 years of experience in the trauma field and addresses the root cause of trauma symptoms. SE is currently taught globally as an effective method for trauma resolution and stress reduction.

Trauma (or Tension) Releasing Exercises. The psoas is considered the fight or flight muscle. It runs through the pelvis, attaching the leg bone to the spine. When we startle (perhaps we hear a car backfire), the psoas contracts bringing the leg and spine closer together (closing the front angle of the hip). This is a brilliant evolutionary adaptation making our abdomen, the home of our vulnerable vital organs, a smaller target. In our society our psoas often does not have an opportunity to dis-engage fully before the next stressful event. Additionally we sit in cars and at desks and our hips rarely have an opportunity to explore a full range of motion. In a TRE session we will fatigue the leg muscles and then the psoas muscle, inducing tremoring. Laying down on a mat we allow the nuero-genic tremoring to continue.

Trauma Informed Yoga (TIY) is slow mindful movement, body scanning, and breath practices. Through a TIY series you can expect to:

  • Learn tools that you can take home and use when you feel: activated / stressed / tense / or anxious. Tired / numb / depressed / flat
  • To feel more present and comfortable in your own body
  • Be better able to respond to the stress of life

Research shows us how trauma informed yoga (TIY) re- wires the brain and regulates the nervous system. Eleanor, who is also a trauma training facilitator, is gifted at making these complex concepts easy to digest. Contact Eleanor to request a consultation.



Eleanor Bramwell CTP, BCSI, E-RYT 500, SEP

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