To experience a Tarot reading is to call upon the wisdom of symbols. Tarot is a language of images that has amassed energy from hundreds of years of meditation, study, and interpretation. We draw from this deep well each time we lay the cards.

Holistic healing works to treat the whole person not just the illness. Tarot and other divination practices can be used to heal. The star piece inside each human resonates with the vibrations of the cosmos. Our spiritual well being is intrinsically connected to our physical and mental health. We see it in our lives when we are feeling a lot of stress and then develop a sinus headache. We are literally feeling the emotional pressure in our physical bodies. What could relieve us from emotional pain? What could heal us from our trauma and internal suffering?

In turning to our higher self, we can find direction in healing our souls. Tarot lifts the veil covering the wisdom of the universe that lies within each of us. Tarot can tune us in to a higher vibration which will emanate in every level of our realities, from our soul-path to our health, relationships and passions.



Mary Shock

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